About Me

What is a Museflower?

Museflower is a word inspired by my muse at that time – Zinnia, to mean something from nature that stimulates the blossoming of creative energy within us.

Flowers have already been an inspiration for me, in many different ways. They have also helped me when I was struggling, challenged, and when I felt like I was going crazy.

I was introduced to flower essences after college, a gentle vibrational remedy so powerful yet so subtle to help balance and harmonize our energy.

I learn that in Flower Essence therapy, every flower has a special message and pertains to a certain topic of life. Every time when you pick a flower essence, that is exactly the lesson of life that you would be going through.

I realize, that every flower, plant, tree, and animal in nature, helps us by being a muse to us, inspiring and assisting us on our personal spiritual journey.

A “Museflower” is something at first intangible and exists as an invisible energy form, until you connect with your energy of creation, and envision this spark of inspiration in your mind’s eye. Then you can bring it into your consciousness, transform it from formless into form.

The Museflower Project  hopes that everyone can attune themselves to the Museflower vibration – which helps to connect to the creation energy inside them – and come away feeling that they can achieve new possibilities in their lives.

Visit our Official Museflower Retreat & Spa website at www.musefloweretreat.com

How about the Blog?

The Museflower Project Blog page is all about sharing wisdom and knowledge with our fellow friends on planet Earth.

The blog keeps on evolving as I am also constantly learning, evolving, and getting new ideas to share.

Initially the blog was created about traveling in Chiang Rai, and places to recommend. I write about what to eat and where to visit in Chiang Rai. Most people have little knowledge of Chiang Rai, which is where my beautiful Museflower Retreat & Spa is located.

For those who are wondering, Chiang Rai is a beautiful and lush green hidden gem in northern Thailand, by the Golden Triangle where the border of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet.

It later is expanded to include natural healing and wellness practices, personal spiritual journey stories with practical tips and lessons, and creative wisdom that inspire others. I also invite a few friends to share their personal spiritual journeys and life lessons with me here. Care to share your story?

Now I’m including a section about the wellness and spa business and management. I realize that this is one knowledge I can share, though I definitely won’t claim myself as a spa expert. My studies in school was hotel and restaurant management but my main focus was spa management, so I was working in spas in the first summer of freshmen year. Following on after graduation, I joined a luxury spa chain in an amazing resort in Thailand and began my journey to become Spa Manager. Been in the spa industry let’s say roughly 10 years (counting my student years).

My goal is to keep this blog light, fun and inspirational!

About Me

My name is Tania Ho. I’m originally from Hong Kong, and now I’ve created Museflower Retreat & Spa at Chiang Rai, an all-inclusive vegetarian retreat and spa center providing yoga, meditation, healing retreats and spa holidays at an affordable, value-added price.

It’s a long story how I get from HK to Thailand, and why Chiang Rai, and how Museflower was born.

So long story short. My dad passed away suddenly when I was 25. I was spa manager then, decided to quit. Life was too short to follow other people’s rules and orders, and I believed that it was time to create my own rules. I always wanted to have my own spa but didn’t know how or when.  I came to Chiang Rai twice to participate a retreat, and had a dream that I would support a retreat center project here in Chiang Rai, which later transformed into Museflower Retreat & Spa.

I believe that the Universe does work in mysterious ways, and every day I am reminded to trust, trust, and trust! Trust the Universe has plans for us. Trust everything will fall in the right place when it’s the right time. Trust your intuition, your inner heart.

I fell many times, faced many challenges, made many mistakes, and am still alive.

I believe that we are the only ones who we are waiting for and also the ones who stand in our own ways.

The only person we can change is no one but ourselves.

So Be the TRUE YOU today and do what you LOVE!

Be you and no one else tania profile pic


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