Eat with Us

Vegetarian Cuisine

We offer delicious, organic lacto/ovo vegetarian food with buffet style dining, three meals a day.  

Fresh produce is picked straight from our own on-site Aquaponics system and organic garden, and we source locally as much as possible.

We offer complimentary ozonized, chemical-free pure drinking water, herbal tea and healthy fruit snacks throughout the day.

Vegan cuisine is available upon request.

Daily menu: 

  • Breakfast: Oat porridge, hot soup, noodle or congee, kefir, almond milk, fresh fruit and muesli, one glass of fresh juice, herbal tea
  • Lunch: Salad buffet, hot dishes such as curry, stir fried vegetable, omelet etc., local dessert, and herbal tea
  • Supper: Simple hot dishes with salad or vegetables raw or steamed, and herbal tea

*All meals are included in the room rates of our Retreat & Spa


Visitors: if you are an outside guest and would like to come dine with us, please make an advanced booking one day before as we normally only make enough food for our in-house guests to minimize wastage

For more information and reservation, please contact us at 


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