What to Eat in Chiang Rai: Yummy dessert by the street at Night Bazaar

Yummy Dessert at Night Bazaar

I have seen this booth for quite some time whenever I pass by the night bazaar inside Chiang Rai town, and there are always customers.

dessert_buoloi_stall_night_bazaarDessert stall at night bazaar entrance selling “buoloi”

I couldn’t read what exactly it sold (the menu is in Thai), so luckily the day I decided to try it out, I was with my Thai friends and they explained that it was “buo loi” (small tapioca balls) boiled in coconut milk.

You can order it along with coconut ice cream, just coconut milk and coconut meat, salted egg, or this pink thin jelly that I have no idea what it is (not really have taste but just gives a chewy texture I presume).

I ordered the one with coconut ice cream and my boyfriend got the one with salted egg. The owner of this dessert stall took an empty coconut shell that was halved, placed the “buo loi”, coconut milk, sugar, roasted sesame seeds and 2 small scoops of coconut ice cream, all for about 25 Baht.


Condiments to place together with the buoloi


The result? Heavenly!

The tapioca balls were chewy, the whole thing was sweet but not overly sweet like some Thai desserts, and the aroma of the roasted sesame seeds added on everything and completed the dish.


Absolutely yummy buoloi in coconut milk, coconut ice cream, jelly, and roasted sesame seeds served in a halved coconut shell


I would highly recommend anyone who loved to try out some Thai dessert. Stop by the dessert stall when you hit the Night Bazaar, it’s just by the main entrance, such a strategically convenient location – meaning you can stroll along the Night bazaar and eat this at the same time too.

PS: Obviously this stall is very popular, you’ll see pictures of important and famous people with the owner.


Below is just a ranking of this place in my humble opinion and for the sake of comparison with other entries of places to eat later. If it’s not good I wouldn’t post it at the first place:

Taste: **** (4 out of 5)

Value: ***** (5 out of 5)

Ambiance: *** (3 out of 5)

Cleanliness: *** (3 out of 5)

Service: *** (3 out of 5)

English speaking: not so sure, menu is completely in Thai but luckily there are pictures, so you can point to the person who takes order for you.

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