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Interview: Life of a Naturopath and Life Coach – David Arenson and Blog Update

Magic happens when we trust our inner knowing, and have the courage to follow the gift of surrendering to the mystery.

WHO IS david arenson? 

A qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Life Coach, David’s extensive holistic healing expertise includes working at some of the world’s top luxury destination spas as a “Visiting Master”, including Chiva-Som and Six Senses brands. He has an intuitive gift, which helps guide those seeking clarity and results, and has a background in theology, meditation, and spiritual counseling. David’s specializes in supporting people realize their true potential, managing stress, overcoming difficulties, and dealing with change.



#1 – Where are you originally from? Please describe in few sentences of your background, including where and how you grew up. 

I was born and grew up in Cape Town, at the foot of Africa. It was an era of dramatic change and epic transformation with Nelson Mandela’s release from prison after 27 years, and the liberation from apartheid. My earliest memories are of pain, growing up with a tumour that was only diagnosed at age 10. By then my leg was broken and fortunately I had a great surgeon who removed the tumour. I recovered quickly and had one further tumour removed 4 years later. It was early on that suffering, healing and personal transformation were firmly rooted in my psyche as significant in my life.

#2 – How do you get to do what you are doing now? 

Growing up in Africa with a lot of pain helped me to understand suffering from the earliest age.

My first study was Architecture and graphic design, and my love of aesthetics and beautification of the world began. I think I also learnt early on that when you change how you look at life, life changes.

After working in the media, IT and Advertising industry, I made a dramatic decision to search for God. I spent some years studying theology and the ancient biblical texts in Aramaic and Hebrew with 3 years spent in Jerusalem. My family moved to Australia, and I spent some years studying naturopathic medicine there. In the last few years, my passion has been more for Eastern philosophy and healing.

I was always interested in the journey of the soul, and how to alleviate human suffering. Meditation practice became my source of wisdom and knowledge instead of seeking answers outside of myself. Divinity became something within, without needing guidelines or religious rules to follow.

#3 – When is a recent ‘a-ha’ moment, or a wake up call for you that you would like to share?

I realised that I was trying to create my destiny and in being achievement-oriented, I was losing the magic innate in letting go and letting God. I am finding the balance between conscious creation and allowing or surrendering completely to God. The alchemy happens at that fulcrum between choice and trust, conscious volition and letting go. My path is about allowing a balance between masculine and feminine forces, much like following the Tao teaches. I am consciously allowing more mystery and releasing expectation from my life (easier said than done, of course!). It is a journey of self-discovery and awakening

#4 – What is your motto, or if the essence of your retreat/workshop is boiled down into one sentence – what would it be and why?

Expect Magic!

Always when we make a commitment to shift our perspective on life, it is that decision that defines the result. Decisions like that define our destiny. Magic happens when we trust our inner knowing, and have the courage to follow the gift of surrendering to the mystery. My retreats are always about inspiring and awakening souls via gentle leadership and support.

#5 – Who is your Museflower – something from nature that inspires you the most along your spiritual journey & why?

The stars. I have a significant relationship to the stars and stargazing. For me it is about connection, or reconnecting, coming back to my true home. We are all children of the stars, created from stardust. I remember even as a child lying on my back on the grass looking up at the heavens and pondering our position in the cosmos. Now it allows me to envision, connect and puts my life into perspective.

#6 – Why should people join a retreat with you? 

I am passionate about retreats.

My work is in connecting people with their souls, helping people realise their true connection and potential. The tools we will be exploring together include ancient Qi Gong practices, Mindfulness, Meditation as well as supporting our body in transformation through a detox cleansing diet. It is through cleansing the body, that we invite cleansing of the mind, and open up a space, or a portal for change to naturally occur.

A retreat is a space of potentiality, of possibility, of awakening, and of change. A lot of suffering happens because of what we think our lives should be like. Retreats always create more perspective, open up and reveal hidden truths we have been escaping from. I also invite in gratitude. Fear cannot happen in the context of gratitude.

I welcome all souls seeking to learn and know more about the self, seekers of wisdom, transformation and healing.



David will be holding his Detox Retreats at Museflower Retreat & Spa this July 2015, including a Weekend Detox Retreats from July 17-19 (3D2N), July 24 – 27 (4D3N) and July 24 – 29 (6D5N), 2015, Spiritual Alchemy Retreat: Meditation & Qigong from July 20 – 23 (4D3N), and Sacred Meditation and Detox Retreat from July 31 – Aug 2 (3D2N), 2015.

Check out more retreats in Museflower Retreat & Spa here!




 Check out David’s personal website for his work and services at


I apologize for being silent on the blog for the past month!

I was reconsidering and evaluating the direction of where the blog is heading, how it should create and add more meaning to all of you dear readers and to myself. The past two months I have been learning and receiving many new healing modalities and I needed a break and a chance to integrate everything.

Again, the daunting question: “Is this what I’m doing adding meaning to my life?”

Having read Arianna Huffington’s wonderful book called Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder, I want to re-evaluate my priorities in life and really focus on what I love to do. As a business owner, I basically have to do everything myself which is fun in some way but also challenging at times, especially the mundane details and tasks to run and maintain a business that is still new – some days I really want to give up!

One thing I’ve learned throughout these 3 years of starting and running a business is that I really cannot do everything myself. To focus on what I love to do, I must say “no” to things that are draining my energy. I am still in the process of delegating and hopefully my goal is that everything here can be running smoothly without me to be here physically.

It’s still quite a long way to go. The Museflower Project Blog will also be part of this integration / change process. Some parts of the blog will probably change to reflect on my ongoing self-discovery and healing journey. I still don’t know exactly what the outcome will be just yet. Hopefully I will have a more clear sense of direction soon. I do enjoy writing in this blog though so giving it up won’t be an option.

So thank you to those who have signed up to follow this blog. Please do kindly stay with me during this transition period and hopefully you will find the articles posted in my blog useful and fun to read.

Have a great week!

With Love &  Gratitude,

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Recipe of the Month – Miso Glazed Eggplant

Recipe of the Month – Miso Glazed Eggplant from

Starting from 2015, I’d like to share one recipe that ties into our monthly theme – Embrace New Beginnings.

There are tons of good and professional cooking websites out there, so what I’ll do is I’ll choose a recipe from one of these sites, try and test it myself first to see if the recipe works (for amateur cooks like me), and viola – share their amazing recipe and website to everyone here.

This website “Just One Cookbook” by Nami is one of my all time favorites. It has lots of easy-to-make Japanese recipes (and sometimes other type of cuisines too), and all the recipes I tried from her site were amazingly delicious! Definitely two thumbs up!

To confess, I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but I did try her other eggplant recipe with ponzu sauce and it was super yummy (along with so many other recipes).

The reason why I decide to choose this recipe is because of MISO!

Miso is one of my favorite fermented foods, and for more information on why fermented food is good for you, please see:

Fermented food includes kefir, yogurt, kombucha, miso, and kimchi, and they provide natural probiotics to aid our digestive system. If you are really interested in fermented food, I found a really good website called: that has a lot of good information and also sells starter kits to make your own fermented food.

Miso-Glazed Eggplant

Please go to her website directly for the recipe:

Thank you Nami for all your wonderful recipes. Enjoy cooking!

Want to learn more about vegetarian food being served at Museflower Retreat & Spa? Visit our official website here.

The Museflower Project


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