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Interview: Life of an Energy Healer – Michele Cempaka

interview with michele cempaka life of an energy healer and giveaway

When we free ourselves of judgment and truly embrace our magnificence, anything is possible!


Michele is an Energy Healer, Consciousness Facilitator, spiritual teacher & retreat leader in the international arena. With a background in Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Transformational Coaching, she has spent many years teaching and leading retreats for personal empowerment and deepening one’s connection to Spirit and the collective consciousness.

Michele’s mission is to be a contribution to people’s lives, so that they can fully recognize and embrace how phenomenal they truly are



#1 – Where are you originally from? Please describe in few sentences of your background, including where and how you grew up. 

I’m originally from the USA. I was born in Connecticut and grew up in a small town called Wallingford. Across the street from us, my friends had horses and we lived on 12 acres, so it was beautiful. When I was 8, we moved to Florida which was totally different. I longed to return to the country life where I grew up, but that wasn’t possible because my father got a new job.

#2 – How do you get to do what you are doing now? 

From a young age, I had the ability to sense Spirits and even know what people were really thinking. I was very empathic and didn’t understand how or why I could perceive and know things that other people didn’t seem to be aware of.

As I grew older, my gifts became stronger and after my first son was born 15 years ago, I took my first Reiki class. Then a few years later I moved to Bali and learned Reiki 2 and did my Master level  in 2007.

Since that time my life has opened up so much. I have been strongly guided by Spirit to continue assisting as many people as possible to clear limiting beliefs, release traumas and embrace the greatness of who they truly be. It is a deep honor to do the work that I do.

#3 – When is a recent ‘a-ha’ moment, or a wake up call for you that you would like to share?

A recent ‘Aha’ moment occurred when I was talking to a dear friend and she said, “It’s time for you to realize that you have everything you need. You have all the tools and are ready to do your own thing. You don’t need to follow anyone else’s system. Just trust in yourself!”

#4 – What is your motto, or if the essence of your retreat/workshop is boiled down into one sentence – what would it be and why?

When we free ourselves of judgment and truly embrace our magnificence, anything is possible!

The reason I chose this sentence is because judgment of ourselves and others is the source of our suffering and self-destruction. It is also why there is no peace  on planet earth. If everyone would be willing to be in allowance of others and truly love and accept themselves, we would all be co-creating a conscious world for all.

#5 – Who is your Museflower – something from nature that inspires you the most along your spiritual journey & why?

My Museflower is the bonsai tree. My garden is filled with bonsais that my husband tenderly cares for. They have an amazing energy and whenever I have felt ill or tired, I just go out to the garden and touch one of the bonsais and instantly I feel this beautiful energy enter my body. They are very powerful ancient trees.

#6 – Why should people join a retreat with you? 

To answer this question, I’d like to share some testimonials from people who have joined retreats with me. Here’s what they say:

Aine, Ireland

“I have been fortunate enough in this lifetime to be blessed with meeting Michele and working with her as part of her retreat programme.  Michele has an admirable way of reaching out and touching individual people.  Her capabilities and knowledge amazed me and she truly is a very inspirational woman. She genuinely cares and hand in hand with her skills and knowledge she really wants to make a big difference in this world. She made a great difference in my life and for that i will be forever grateful.”

Michelle, UK

“I have never come across practitioners with such effective tools that clear things so quickly, and not just small things, massive life changing things. Alison and Michelle are effective and very powerful on their own but when they come together for this retreat you have everything you need to make the changes you want in your life. Michelle and Alison’s compassion, empathy, strength and their complete belief in you gives you everything you need to heal things that have been with you a lifetime.”



Michele will be holding her healing retreats series at Museflower Retreat & Spa, including a 4D/3N Empower & Enliven You Healing Retreat from May 29 – June 1, 7D/6N Awakening the Goddess within You! Healing Retreat from June 2 – 8 and November 14 – 20, 2015, and 6D/5N  Release, Realign, Reinvent You! Healing Retreat from November 6 – 11, 2015. Check out Michele’s transformational and powerful healing retreats at Museflower Retreat & Spa here.

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Michele also leads her healing workshops and retreats in Bali.  Check out Michele’s personal website for her retreat program schedule at http://spiritweaverjourneys.com/.


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