Museflower Philosophy-practice of simple bliss

Museflower Philosophy: the Practice of Simple Bliss

Today’s blog post is a bit different. I’d like to share with you what I have written as the base philosophy of Museflower Retreat & Spa. Before this place was reborn as Museflower, there was a different philosophy in place and it was written by someone else. So, when I made a choice to move forward to carry on this place, under a different brand name, it would only make sense for me to write a new one.

Though the philosophy of “Practice of Simple Bliss” has already been a reflection of this place before it was named Museflower, moving forward I also hope that Museflower can continue to be a reflection of ‘Simple Bliss’. It is easy to fall into the arms of comfort, but is that what our bodies and minds really need?

Since growing up I’ve always been a city girl. To be honest I never would have imagined myself leaving the city, not to mention living and working in the countryside full time.

Funny enough with life isn’t it though? After high school I went to study in an university where it was in middle of nowhere. After college I went to work on an island, and then an even more remote island where there wasn’t even one 7-11 (a typical convenience store that you can find anywhere in Thailand). With one thing leading to another, now that I’m in Chiang Rai, this is like a perfect blend for me between city and countryside.

I have always loved the city, I still do. I enjoy the buzz, the glamor, the excitement of it all.

But with all these years living nearby nature, I’ve also come to appreciate the sounds of the sea, the birds, the fresh clean air, and the green and the blue. I find that I enjoy being in the nature more than the city at the end (well, let’s say 80% of the time).

It’s really a balance, isn’t it, between city life and countryside life.

Well, I hope you enjoy reading the below. Something shared from my heart. 🙂


The Practice of Simple Bliss

Museflower Philosophy-meaning of bliss

We are submersed in a world where marketers define that having more things and doing more things equal happiness. We constantly are trained to seek happiness externally. If we have a bigger car, a bigger house, or more houses, then, we’d be happier.

Traditional hotels are also the same. The hotel industry has set a standard for five star, four star, three star ratings for hotels based on amenities they provide. If you don’t have a swimming pool in your hotel, there is no way that you can be a four or five star hotel. Coming back to think about it, can’t a hotel still offer 5 star quality service and product without the pool?

We are used to staring at a computer screen during work, stare at our smartphones in between breaks and during commute, stare at the TV when we are back home, and stare at the smartphone again before falling to sleep. And then when wake up again, we stare at the smartphone again.

Often times we became so lost in this busy world that is so busily bombarding our senses, we forget that bliss is simple.


Listening to the birds chirp in the morning.

Breathing fresh air.

Feeling the rain.

Watching a sunset.

Tasting fresh vegetable picked from the garden.

Connecting with another human face to face. A smile is not an emoji but an actual smile.

At Museflower, we want to remind our guests how the simplest things can bring us the biggest joy.

When we are stripped away of all the entertainment – the TV, the internet, the smartphone, do we know how to spend our time?

When we are stripped away from air-conditioning, do our bodies still know how to regulate our body temperature?

When everything external is only a reflection of our inner world, then are we quiet enough to listen to what our inner self is saying to us?


At Museflower, you will not find a TV in your room, nor free wifi. There is no IPOD dock, nor radio. There is no telephone, nor a working desk.

Museflower is a space for our guests to retreat back to their inner being, nurture themselves, and be reconnected to nature.

Watching the stars in the sky gives you more HD than a HD TV.

Listening to the thunderstorm gives you better surround sound than home theatre.

Having to walk to talk to a person gives you more reason to exercise.

And all the time, feel your inner being – smiling, crying, inspired.

In Museflower, we want to remind how simple BLISS can be.

This is a place to Be the TRUE You.


Want to experience what it means by “Simple Bliss” yourself? Come join our retreat programs at Museflower Retreat & Spa throughout the year. We offer yoga, meditation, healing and awakening retreats, as well as Spa holidays. Check out our retreat program here

The Museflower Project


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Three Friends’ Visit and Review of Museflower Retreat and Spa

GUEST BLOG BY Ophélie, Chloé and MariE

We are three friends from Paris who enjoy personal development, meditation, yoga, treats for the body and the mind and a healthy lifestyle. We had the chance to spend 3 amazing days at Museflower Retreat and Spa during our last trip to Thailand in March 2015. We are sharing a little bit of our experience with you with the hope that you’ll want to go and enjoy this experience as well!

Ophélie, Chloé and Marie.


DAY 1 (Ophélie)

I can feel it as I come by the entrance, my body and my mind are already relaxing. The welcome of Tania and her team is so warm and so kind that we feel like home. The Spa centre is surrounded by nature and its sounds, everything is so quiet.

Since we arrived under a grey sky and my body is a bit sore for the past stressful weeks, I suggest we enjoy the steam room to start our weekend in this amazing place. And what is so cool with the Museflower team is that whatever you ask, you can be sure you won’t get a no or a “it’s not possible”. As it takes time (around 20 minutes) to get the steam room warm enough, we do a tour of the place. And what a place! I’m so happy to be only the three of us to enjoy this perfect location.

The steam room is perfect to relieve your body from painful and sore muscles. You store your clothes in a changing room and get a sarong (you can choose to have or not a swimsuit underneath). The spa is built in the middle of the center, shielded from the rest of the park. The steam seems first to not work well (not warm enough and the plant-scent was insufficient) but the team rectifies it really quickly.

The Himalayan salt treated swimming pool helped me to relax deeply and to get definitely away from work and daily life preoccupations. I deeply feel connected here to nature and myself, and for the first time in months I know my night will be long enough to get me rested.


Museflower is a perfect place to enjoy a “me-time”, be centred and have room in your day to do nothing else than be.

Ophélie @ophelia_af


DAY 2 (Chloé)

In the morning, I woke up rested and calm. I sit on the terrace of our little bungalow and enjoy a cup of hot organic tea. The birds are chipping. I don’t remember the last time I heard the sounds of nature. I stay there, looking at the horizon, watching the sun rising.

After a wonderful breakfast (I didn’t know kefir milk could be so good), I decide to go for a walk. I have the feeling that nature is calling me. I try to walk mindfully and pay attention to the earth under my feet. It is still humid from the rain. I take a long inhalation and smell the trees, I sit near a pond. The water is still and so is my mind. This landscape is breath-taking and I feel grateful.


I come back to Museflower in a different state of mind. I feel relived in this place, mindful, open. I savour a delicious lunch that fills me with joy and pick up a book about Reiki from the library. Tonight I have an introduction to this spiritual practice also known as a traditional medicine.

At 18.00, Tania welcomes us in the meditation room. The sun is going down. We sat on the floor and she tells us about the practice, but not for long. To understand it, we have to practice. My friend lies in front of me and I put my hands on her. I let my intuition guide me and invite the energy of nature to come through my hands. I try to channel this energy to her. I don’t know if I’m doing it properly but it doesn’t really matter. I can feel the warmth under my arms. Tania tells us that anyone can practice Reiki, no matter their age. I find this amazing and decide to use it at home if a member of my family or if my partner feels sick, tired or low in energy.

I come back to my room and decide to go to bed even though I am not tired. I rest and decide not to take my book but to listen and stay alert for a few minutes. Doing nothing, it is difficult but relieving as well. I end up falling asleep. This was such a wonderful day…

Chloé @chloe_chambraud


DAY 3 (Marie)

On the third day we went for a cycling tour in the beautiful surroundings of Museflower at sunset. Thanks to our two Museflower local guides, we had the chance to cycle on hidden paths and even stopped to look at the sun setting on the lake, whilst migrating birds were just arriving for migration. It felt a little bit like heaven on earth.


We also had the chance to visit the local village and the cultures of tapioca, and to visit the New Life Foundation that aims to help drug addicts recover from addictions through the practice of meditation and yoga and to talk with some of the members.

I am a big fan of nature and for me it is important to have a daily contact with it. And Museflower was a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature in a beautiful, nature-friendly setting before going back my urban lifestyle in Europe. This caring and loving relationship to local nature infused in the food itself as the Museflower chef Santot cooked for us delicious vegan meals everyday with fresh products sourced locally. We could enjoy the benefits of nature in our minds and bodies. And even after returning to Europe, I can still feel the benefits of this trip in my mind and body as I am feeling calmer and healthier in my body and my mind.

Marie @ma_james

Photos of Our Visit: (by Ophélie, Chloé , and Marie)








Want to learn more about Museflower Retreat & Spa in Chiang Rai, Thailand and the Museflower Experience? Check out our official website here at:

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Why should we give back to nature?


What if I told you, you could get more than double what you invest?

Haha* Now I caught your attention, let me share with you how, but first, let’s play a game with your imagination:

Happy birthday, you say handing over a present. There’s no please or thank you, and to make matters worse, it’s not reciprocated when your birthday comes round. Way to pull the short-end of the straw. That’s not fair! How do you feel? It is like that. Not to you, but to mother earth.

She just wants you to be healthy, happy and grow. When was the last time someone really took care of her? All of a sudden, someone rushes around the corner and kicks her in the shin. Ouch* She stumbles to get back on her feet and the violator gasps not knowing what’s going to happen next. She stands tall, turns, and then smiles continuing to give.

As we cometh from the earth, we must returneth to the earth. One day we will too be part of the circle of life (Lion King soundtrack plays in the background). Though our time is momentary, we can stretch it out longer and get more out of it, if we want to.

If you love the earth, this is for you. If you don’t like the earth, but love getting free stuff, this is also for you.

The truth is, that everything put into helping the world, will fruition for you. It’s a 100% guarantee on investment, and you’ll be healthier for it. You’ll feel, look and be amazing. Good water, food and air.

raindrop on leaf

How do we get such rewards?
  • Eat local food. It travels less distance, so it’s fresher. Once it’s picked from the tree it starts to decay. If you want your body to feel amazing, you better eat amazing. Eating local grown produce means it’s more adapted to your body’s digestive environment from the surrounding environment. This also saves mama earth, by cutting fossil fuel from transport. By choosing to act on our behalf, we get healthier from not eating exotic decaying food, and give a helping hand.
  • Take care of water resources. So you can drink clean living water. If it’s that clean, you can not only star in your own shower commercial, but drink the water too.
  • Plant seeds so you can eat it’s fruit, breath it’s air, and make your property value increase. It’s a win, win, win.
  • Use only what you need and fully. You’ll get the most bang for your buck.
  • This allows more resources to be put into advancing technology, so there can be more cool things created just for you.

It’s not like I’m asking you to hug a tree, though you would probably get benefits from that that too. Hey koala’s do it.

We live in a world where our resources are dwindling, but we it’s not to late to make a difference. There’s currently no place outside our planet that we could go to, so we better start with home.

When mum tells us to clean up, we better clean up. Sweeping it under the rug, or flushing it out into the ocean doesn’t count. Out in the middle of the ocean, there are consequent manmade islands. They are no holiday destination though. They’re rubbish islands made from us flushing waste into the ocean. They don’t go away.

We need to create an environment that is sustainable. We know our lifestyle depends on oil, yet our lives depend on taking care of the world, so we better do something about it.

For the past 4.54 billion years, the earth worked efficiently by exchanging every part of its whole. This means by using one species’ waste as another’s fuel.

If we want to stay alive, we better take care of ourselves, we’re part of the greater whole. All other species strive for existence, but we are the only specie that’s putting ourselves on the endangered list. Shin kick* If you value your life and don’t want to be extinct, I highly suggest you do what Captain Planet says, and “ Go planet!”

Take care of the earth, and the earth will take care of you. Mama earth is always smiling and ready to take care of you, so it’s about time we give something back.

plant a seed

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