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5 ways to host earth hour last minute at your spa

Written by Tania Ho on March 27, 2015

Earth Hour is one day away.

If you are doing things last minute like me – where I’m writing this post last minute and you are looking for ideas to hold this event last minute at your spa – what could you do ?

What is Earth Hour?

It’s an initiative created by WWF to educate everyone about climate change by switching off all unnecessary lights from 8.30 – 9.30pm. It is one-hour dedicated to the good of the planet.

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Why support Earth Hour? Besides the obvious good cause of supporting  WWF,  Earth Hour is a great opportunity to interact with your guests and to promote your spa.

Below are 5 easy-to-organize ideas that you can create and promote at your spa:

1. Hold a candlelit meditation

hand holding candle

First find an area where you can hold the meditation. Would it be in your reception area, or one of your bigger treatment rooms? Could it be in your spa’s relaxation room? If your spa has an outdoor space, it’s time to make use, unless the weather is not ideal.

Buy a bunch of tea light candles and other types of candles, and hold a meditation from 8.30 – 9.30pm. Play some soothing spa music as your guests arrive. Burn some essential oil to set the mood.

I would suggest a guided meditation, where you can get everyone to sit or lie down on a yoga mat, or on a towel that is rolled if you don’t have mats.

Don’t know how to guide a meditation? Google “Free Guided Meditation” and you should find a long list of websites for ideas.

I found a free Secret Garden Meditation from Meditainment.com that is 20 minutes long. As long as you have a laptop with speakers, you can play the meditation during the night. It’s best to listen to the whole meditation yourself first though (you can do it tonight!) before sharing it with your guests.

Want to read it out yourself? I found free guided meditation scripts from Exploremeditation.com that you can read out slowly. I recommend going for more of a relaxation type of meditation, such as the Relaxation guided meditation script, as it’s already late in the night.

If you do offer meditation regularly at your spa, it would be a great way to promote your upcoming meditation events or courses too!

2. Spa juice or tea happy hour


It can be smoothies  that you make before 8.30pm, or else it’d be too dark to see what you are making when the lights are off. Or it can be herbal tea. Even better if it’s tea that you sell in your spa.

Make it a gathering for loyal or repeat customers as a get together happy hour, a chance to mingle and get to know you and your team.

Use this opportunity to showcase some of your retail products. Best if you put your retail samples on a table with candle lights, and ask your guests to feel free to try out the products while sipping their tea (or mocktail).

You can even organize a game, a contest, or a price draw during the happy hour, and donate a couple free products as giveaway or prize. This would be great incentive for guests to come if they know they will get free stuff. If you have any near expiring products or products that sell slow in your shop, this is a chance to give them away, or else they would just sit in your retail shelf and get dusty.

No products to give away? You can still create spa vouchers, either discount coupons or value-added coupons ($20 off from your next 60 minutes treatment, or a free 20 minutes foot massage with any 90 minutes treatment booked). The sky is the limit on this one.

3. Offer a Last Minute Earth Hour Special on the day or for the weekend


If you only have one day to plan for Earth Hour and don’t have much time to buy anything, why not offer a last minute Earth Hour special deal to your guests?  And while you have already put some thoughts into it, why not extend it to Sunday?

You can:

  • Create an Earth Hour Spa Package: Put together a couple treatments that are using natural or organic products. The easiest combination is a body scrub that uses a natural ingredient, for example coffee scrub or sugar scrub for 30 minutes, and a full body oil massage for 60 minutes. 90 minutes is too long? Go for 30 minutes scrub and a 30 minutes mini massage, where guests can choose between a back massage, foot massage, or scalp massage.
  • Last minute Earth Hour Spa Deal: Are you open up till 10pm or later but don’t have many guests from 8.30-9.30pm? Offer guests a discount, or a buy one get one free type of deal during this time.
  • Earth Hour Spa Treatments for Donation: Really lacking time to come up with a package? Select a few spa treatments that fit with the Earth theme (basically uses natural products / ingredients) and present them nicely. You can offer to donate (See point 5) a certain % of the proceeds if guests choose to do these treatments. Make sure to choose treatments fit with the theme!

4. Join others


If you are located in a city, chances are there may be an event going on in your area that you and your team members can attend together.  Invite your spa guests to join in too – do so by sending out invites on email, broadcasting on Facebook, twitter or any other social media platforms. Even if your guests may not join, take this  great opportunity as a quality team bonding time with your team.  For events around your area, check out Earth Hour Tracker page.

If your spa is inside a hotel, that’s even better. Talk to your hotel manager and see what kind of events they are doing about Earth Hour and how the spa team can participate. Maybe a mini shoulder massage for the guests hanging by the pool?

5. DonatE = You Care

wwf crowdfunding project webapge

If you are really running out of time to put together anything, besides switching off lights, you can place a donation box in your spa and gather donations and spare changes from your guests to support WWF.

And if you are feeling really generous, donate 1%, 5% or 10% of your proceeds from that day to WWF. You can make the donation by credit card or paypal.

Not sure where that donation is going? Check out all of WWF’s crowdfunding projects (Earth Hour Blue this initiative is called), and donate to a cause that is dear to your heart.

Be sure to let your guests know about where the donation goes AFTER the event. The worst is being silent and guests may wonder where all that money go. And no, you should not take that money for your own use – that is just bad karma. A simple printscreen of the webpage after you make the donation would be good enough as proof.


Be sure to register YOUR event at Earth Hour Tracker and let the whole world know that you are doing good!


Promote your event with official Earth Hour hashtags #YourPower and #EarthHour  with your location on all your social media platforms. Share the event on your website or blog page. Share your event on Earth Hour’s website.

Earth Hour’s website also provides great tools for organizers, such as logos, banners, and guides for organizing Earth Hour in your business. Check out their starter kit for more ideas and collateral to be used.


So you have one day left and it’s never too late. Besides supporting a great cause, Earth Hour is truly a great opportunity to interact with your guests and to promote your spa offerings.

There are so many ways and ideas that you can do so at your spa, and I hope these ideas can help.

I have already registered our event from Museflower Retreat & Spa at Earth Hour Tracker. I’ll be hosting a under the stars meditation for our in-house guests on our floating bamboo platform.

How about you? Do you have other fun and inspiring ideas or events that you have planned for your spa? Please feel free to share and comment, I’d love to hear about it!

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