Three Friends’ Visit and Review of Museflower Retreat and Spa

GUEST BLOG BY Ophélie, Chloé and MariE

We are three friends from Paris who enjoy personal development, meditation, yoga, treats for the body and the mind and a healthy lifestyle. We had the chance to spend 3 amazing days at Museflower Retreat and Spa during our last trip to Thailand in March 2015. We are sharing a little bit of our experience with you with the hope that you’ll want to go and enjoy this experience as well!

Ophélie, Chloé and Marie.


DAY 1 (Ophélie)

I can feel it as I come by the entrance, my body and my mind are already relaxing. The welcome of Tania and her team is so warm and so kind that we feel like home. The Spa centre is surrounded by nature and its sounds, everything is so quiet.

Since we arrived under a grey sky and my body is a bit sore for the past stressful weeks, I suggest we enjoy the steam room to start our weekend in this amazing place. And what is so cool with the Museflower team is that whatever you ask, you can be sure you won’t get a no or a “it’s not possible”. As it takes time (around 20 minutes) to get the steam room warm enough, we do a tour of the place. And what a place! I’m so happy to be only the three of us to enjoy this perfect location.

The steam room is perfect to relieve your body from painful and sore muscles. You store your clothes in a changing room and get a sarong (you can choose to have or not a swimsuit underneath). The spa is built in the middle of the center, shielded from the rest of the park. The steam seems first to not work well (not warm enough and the plant-scent was insufficient) but the team rectifies it really quickly.

The Himalayan salt treated swimming pool helped me to relax deeply and to get definitely away from work and daily life preoccupations. I deeply feel connected here to nature and myself, and for the first time in months I know my night will be long enough to get me rested.


Museflower is a perfect place to enjoy a “me-time”, be centred and have room in your day to do nothing else than be.

Ophélie @ophelia_af


DAY 2 (Chloé)

In the morning, I woke up rested and calm. I sit on the terrace of our little bungalow and enjoy a cup of hot organic tea. The birds are chipping. I don’t remember the last time I heard the sounds of nature. I stay there, looking at the horizon, watching the sun rising.

After a wonderful breakfast (I didn’t know kefir milk could be so good), I decide to go for a walk. I have the feeling that nature is calling me. I try to walk mindfully and pay attention to the earth under my feet. It is still humid from the rain. I take a long inhalation and smell the trees, I sit near a pond. The water is still and so is my mind. This landscape is breath-taking and I feel grateful.


I come back to Museflower in a different state of mind. I feel relived in this place, mindful, open. I savour a delicious lunch that fills me with joy and pick up a book about Reiki from the library. Tonight I have an introduction to this spiritual practice also known as a traditional medicine.

At 18.00, Tania welcomes us in the meditation room. The sun is going down. We sat on the floor and she tells us about the practice, but not for long. To understand it, we have to practice. My friend lies in front of me and I put my hands on her. I let my intuition guide me and invite the energy of nature to come through my hands. I try to channel this energy to her. I don’t know if I’m doing it properly but it doesn’t really matter. I can feel the warmth under my arms. Tania tells us that anyone can practice Reiki, no matter their age. I find this amazing and decide to use it at home if a member of my family or if my partner feels sick, tired or low in energy.

I come back to my room and decide to go to bed even though I am not tired. I rest and decide not to take my book but to listen and stay alert for a few minutes. Doing nothing, it is difficult but relieving as well. I end up falling asleep. This was such a wonderful day…

Chloé @chloe_chambraud


DAY 3 (Marie)

On the third day we went for a cycling tour in the beautiful surroundings of Museflower at sunset. Thanks to our two Museflower local guides, we had the chance to cycle on hidden paths and even stopped to look at the sun setting on the lake, whilst migrating birds were just arriving for migration. It felt a little bit like heaven on earth.


We also had the chance to visit the local village and the cultures of tapioca, and to visit the New Life Foundation that aims to help drug addicts recover from addictions through the practice of meditation and yoga and to talk with some of the members.

I am a big fan of nature and for me it is important to have a daily contact with it. And Museflower was a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature in a beautiful, nature-friendly setting before going back my urban lifestyle in Europe. This caring and loving relationship to local nature infused in the food itself as the Museflower chef Santot cooked for us delicious vegan meals everyday with fresh products sourced locally. We could enjoy the benefits of nature in our minds and bodies. And even after returning to Europe, I can still feel the benefits of this trip in my mind and body as I am feeling calmer and healthier in my body and my mind.

Marie @ma_james

Photos of Our Visit: (by Ophélie, Chloé , and Marie)








Want to learn more about Museflower Retreat & Spa in Chiang Rai, Thailand and the Museflower Experience? Check out our official website here at: http://www.musefloweretreat.com/

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Interview: Life of a Yoga Teacher – Renata Depciuch

cover-interview with renata depicuch life of a yoga teacher
“Functioning in a contemporary world is merely based on a creative attitude, That’s why inventiveness as well as creating new ideas is my mission”.



Renata is a philosopher by profession, artist by vocation, a yoga teacher by belief. Originally from Poland, she has practiced Hatha yoga since 2007. Since meeting Ashtanga yoga guru R. Sharath Joise in 2009, she has practiced Ashtanga as her daily practice. She also practices Yin yoga and is a passionate user of Thai massage. Renata is also trained in a variety of martial arts including Brazilian Capoeira, boxing, and Kung Fu.



#1 – Where are you originally from? Please describe in few sentences of your background, including where and how you grew up. 

I am from Poland and I grew up in a city Katowice. Until recently, the city was famous mainly  [due to] mining industry, today is a place geared to high culture. I grew up in the belief that tremendous value in life is [about] learning and development opportunities. Once I dreamed about leaving my homeland, now I know that this place gave me a huge baggage of which are invaluable in my journey through the world.

#2 – How do you get to do what you are doing now? 

I am still looking for new challenges. I love doing everything [on] my own. I have found out that functioning in a contemporary Word is merely based on a creative attitude,  that’ why inventiveness as well as creating new ideas is my mission.

#3 – When is a recent ‘a-ha’ moment, or a wake up call for you that you would like to share?

After read a book [by] Clarissa Pinkola Eates, now I always listen [to] my heart and intuition. It makes me feel confident on how to fulfill any dreams and which way I should follow.

#4 – What is your motto, or if the essence of your retreat/workshop is boiled down into one sentence – what would it be and why?

Looking for authentic direct contacts with people,  avoiding posing and being artificial. For me this is a spiritual aspects of yoga.

#5 – Who is your Museflower – something from nature that inspires you the most along your spiritual journey & why?

Tranquil Zen gardens, where empty space is more important than the strength of the object. In such a place you feel a connection to nature, its pulsating energy. You feel her presence, like when you meet a master of meditation.

#6 – Why should people join a retreat with you? 

It’s a choice you have made to practice self-care and self-love. It’s certain that yoga means for me stretching and strength, but mostly I want to have a chance of going further with how to serving others and make them happier.

 3-Day Weekend Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Renata Depciuch



Renata will be holding her 3-day Weekend Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Workshop at Museflower Retreat & Spa from May 8 – 10, 2015.  Check out Renata’s Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Workshop at Museflower Retreat & Spa here.

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Renata also leads her yoga workshops in other parts of the world. Follow Renata’s facebook page for more information here.

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