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The Museflower Project Blog Submission Guidelines


The Museflower Project Blog page is all about sharing wisdom and knowledge with our fellow friends on planet Earth. We are mainly interested in sharing natural healing and wellness practices, personal spiritual journey stories with practical tips and lessons, and creative wisdom that transpire you into inspiring others.

We are also the ones operating Museflower Retreat & Spa, an all-inclusive cozy vegetarian retreat and spa in Chiang Rai, Thailand. See our official website here


  • Increase exposure and awareness to your own blog and website – I often read blogs and articles from other people in an online magazine type of platform instead of following a certain writer. This way I get exposed to different articles and pick the topics I want to read about. Then I find a couple authors or artists who I want to follow, who really resonate with me and I click into their own personal site to take a look of what they do. Though this may not translate directly to business, it may bring more people to your website.
  • Low commitment – We ask for 1 article per month that is related to our monthly theme. You’ll have plenty of time to be inspired, and if life gets busy, you can always stop entirely, or skip a month and write again for the next month. Or if you feel that you’ve been hit by the Muse arrow and are inspired to write one article per week, we are also more than happy.
  • Get Rewards – Though we are unable to pay you with money for your amazing submissions, we are happy to offer our special friend and family discounts for you and your immediately family if you come to visit and stay with us at Museflower Retreat & Spa. Maybe even a free stay – who knows?
  • Sharing with Like-Minded Community – Writing is a creative process that stimulates both sides of the brain, and I find it as a meditative process. New thoughts come to me when I write. I’m also not a trained or professional writer or author but so what? It’s about sharing what you have to say – this is what matters.


Topic to Write About:

We are looking for blog articles relating to our monthly theme. The topic is up to you. In January our monthly theme is “Embracing New Beginnings”. You can share practical wellness tips to embrace the new year, detox tips for the physical, emotional or mental body, or your own personal spiritual journey on the topic of embracing.

Our monthly theme is shared to you once you decide to guest write for us.

How to Submit:

If today is January, please think of writing for the theme of February.

I will invite you to be an Author of the blog. You will receive an email invitation and you have to sign up for a free account under WordPress, or if you can log into your existing account.

Write your article like you are writing in Microsoft Word, and upload your photos if any. The photos should be original photos or photos with a credit source.

Include a short bio of yourself and a clear profile photo at the end of the article. You can include your personal website link or email address.

Save the post as a draft and please do NOT publish it yourself.

Notify me right away by email or text, and I will check through everything before publishing it. Sometimes it also depends on the timing, as we’d like to publish one blog article per week instead of publishing several in one day.

Make sure to name your photos, starting with your initials, date of submission, and description of the picture, and use “underscore” instead of spaces. For example, “TH_013015_museflower_retreat_and_spa_lotus_closeup.jpg”

If you have any questions regarding using WordPress, please let me know or go to resources online for help such as: http://www.wpbeginner.com/


We reserve the right to modify the content of your article if it is not aligned with our theme, or if it contains promotion or the selling of products (though you can recommend your own favorite products), vulgar language, discrimination or unnecessary criticism or defamation of others. In this case we will inform you and suggest changes. We reserve the right to not publish your blog article if it violates our policy.


Original content is very important and we will remove any articles and photos if they are plagiarized or quoted without proper reference or credit to the original source. The content also has to be different than your own personal blog, or else Google will penalize both your and our website.


The world wants to hear YOUR voice. Be True to who you are, and Be True to what you say.

Share from the space of LOVE. Happy Blogging!

Questions? Please email me directly here


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